Theatre Arts - Bachelor of Arts

Departmental Requirements
THTR 110Beginning Acting3
THTR 120Stage Movement3
THTR 130The Art of Theatre3
THTR 141Introduction to Stagecraft3
THTR 141 LStagecraft Laboratory1
THTR 142Introduction to Costume Crafts3
THTR 142 LCostume Craft Lab1
THTR 149Running Crew I2
THTR 200Theatre Workshop I (.5x4 semesters) 22
THTR 220Vocal Production for the Actor3
THTR 249Running Crew II1
THTR 250Introduction to Design3
THTR 300Theatre Workshop II (.5 x 4 semesters) 22
THTR 303Theatre History I3
THTR 304Theatre History II3
THTR 345Costume Practicum1
THTR 346Scenic Practicum1
THTR 347Lighting Practicum1
THTR 348Running Crew III1
THTR 349Running Crew IV1
THTR 395Directing I3
THTR 439Senior Seminar3
THTR elective courses
Select one from the following:3
Modern European Drama3
Dramatic Character3
American Drama3
Select one from the following:3
Costume Design3
Scene Design3
Sound Design3
Lighting Design3
Select 9 credits from THTR 300/400 level courses 19
Select sufficient electives to bring total to 120, including 48 upper-division.
Second Language Requirement: (not required)
Total Credits62

Courses from this category must not duplicate selections above.


 Theatre majors must enroll in Theatre Workshop each semester.  THTR 200 for freshmen and sophomores and THTR 300 for juniors and seniors, 2 credits total for each course equaling a total of 4 credits.


 Complete a minimum of 120 credits, with 48 credits at the 300 level or above, including all general education and viewing a wider world requirements.

Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts there is no second language requirement for the degree.

Concentration: Musical Theatre

The musical theatre concentration is designed to provide students with training in musical theatre performance, including singing, dancing and acting.

Departmental Requirements

All courses required for the Theatre Arts major must be met, except for the requirement of 9 additional THTR courses.

Departmental Requirements
DANC 124Jazz Technique I1
DANC 224Jazz Technique II2
THTR 317Musical Theatre3
THTR 417Musical Theatre II3
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Tap Dance I1
Tap Dance II1
Ballet Technique I1
Modern Dance Technique I1
Ballet Technique II2
Modern Dance Technique II2
Ballet Technique III3
Modern Dance III3
Voice or Applied Music-Vocal
Select a minimum of six credits from the following: 26
Applied Music1-2
University Singers1
Concert Choir1
Master Works Chorus1
Opera Workshop1
Opera Workshop1
Concert Choir II1
University Singers II1
Second Language Requirement: (not required)
Total Credits18

Two of the required vocal credits may be in choral ensemble or opera workshop.

Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Musical Theatre there is no second language requirement for the degree.