Dance - Undergraduate Minor

The dance program offers a minor in dance that consisting of a minimum of 18 credit hours: 3 required credits and 15 elective credits.   Six (6) elective credits must be completed in upper division coursework (300/400 level)

Prefix Title Credits
Required Course (Minimum 3 cr hrs from the following)3
Ballet I1
Modern Dance I
Introduction to Ballroom Dance1
Introduction Latin Social Dance
Flamenco I1
Elective Courses15
Select 15 credits (6 credits at upper division) from the following:
Dance Appreciation3
Introduction to Argentine Tango1
Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance1
Beginning Country Western Dance1
Intro to West Coast Sw1
Dance for Musical Theater I1
Dance Sport I1
Ballet II2
Ballet Technique II Lab1
Flamenco II2
Flamenco Dance II Lab1
Classical Spanish II2
Spanish Dance II Lab1
Modern Dance II2
Modern Dance Technique II Lab1
Hip Hop Dance Ensemble I1
Intermediate Hip-Hop Dance2
Contemporary Dance Ensemble I1
Spanish Dance Ensembles I1
Principles of Choreography I3
Improvisation I2
Bronze American Rhythm2
Bronze American Smooth2
Bronze International Latin2
Bronze International Standard2
Dance for Musical Theater II2
DanceSport Pedagogy: Smooth3
Dance Sport II1
Ballet Technique III3
Ballet Technique III Lab1
Flamenco III3
Flamenco Dance III Lab1
Classical Spanish Dance III3
Spanish Dance III Lab1
Flamenco Structure and Improvisation3
Modern Dance III3
Modern Dance Technique III Lab1
Hip Hop Dance Ensemble II1
Advanced Hip Hop Dance3
Dance Studio Management3
Contemporary Dance Ensemble II1
Spanish Dance Ensemble II1
Principles of Choreography II3
Silver American Rhythm3
Silver American Smooth3
Silver International Latin3
Silver International Standard3
Dance For Musical Theater III3
World Dance3
Dance Pedagogy: Dance Technique3
Advanced Choreographic Project1-6
Gold American Rhythm3
Gold American Smooth3
Gold International Latin3
Gold International Standard3
DanceSport Certification Preparation3
Flamenco Practicum1
Special Topics1-3
Total Credits18