Las Cruces Academic Catalog

This catalog is the student’s guidebook to earning a degree or other academic credential.  The catalog contains three important parts:  (1) the official listing of NMSU’s academic programs and their requirements, (2) a listing of the courses offered at NMSU with descriptions and prerequisites, and (3) other information essential for student success including many of the rules and regulations that govern the student’s academic journey at NMSU. 

As with any other journey, advance planning is essential. To avoid wrong turns and lost time, each student must chart their own path, with the help of their academic advisors and this guidebook. Each student is responsible for planning an academic program of study in compliance with university, community college, college and departmental requirements as set forth in the Catalog.  In addition, each student is obligated to abide by the Academic Rules and Regulations as set forth in the Catalog, as well as the Student Social Code of Conduct, as set forth in the Student Handbook (available through the Dean of Students website).

Upon proper application and payment of fees, students will be awarded academic degrees and designations when the completion of the academic program requirements is verified by the relevant NMSU academic unit.  Degrees and designations may be awarded under any catalog in effect on the date of degree or designation completion, provided that the catalog year is the same or subsequent to the year in which the student was first enrolled.     

The academic program requirements of each catalog are effective for a period of eight academic years. This 2024-2025 Catalog is effective summer 2024 through spring semester 2032.  All other catalog content, including rules, regulations, course descriptions and prerequisites are effective only for the catalog’s denoted academic year.  While content changes are typically implemented between Catalog years, the catalog does not represent a contract and NMSU reserves the right to make modifications to the catalog at any time.

Academic programs at the New Mexico State University System are available to all students without regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Associate Registrar: Gabrielle Martinez
Graduation & Curriculum Data Specialist: Daniela Lucero