American Government and Politics - Undergraduate Minor

Students pursuing a subfield minor may count a maximum of 3 credits in an independent studies course or an internship. Students may request permission to substitute courses between subfields, subject to approval of the Department of Government undergraduate committee.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
GOVT 100GAmerican National Government3
or HON 249G American Politics in a Changing World
GOVT 110GIntroduction to Political Science3
or HON 248G The Citizen and the State: Great Political Issues
Select 12 additional credits, of which at least 9 are upper division, including 3 upper division courses from the same subfield.12
Total Credits18

The subfield series include courses in the 20/30 series (public administration and policy), 40/50 series (American government and politics), 60 series and HON 304V Dilemmas of War and Peace (international relations), 70 series (comparative politics), 80 series, including GOVT 380V Contemporary World Political Ideologies (political theory), and 90 series (public law).