Spanish - Undergraduate Minor

Students must pass at least 18 credits of SPAN courses of which at least 12 credits are at either the 300 or 400 level. Students may not count SPAN 111 Elementary Spanish I or SPAN 112 Elementary Spanish II, but may count SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish I and/or SPAN 212 Intermediate Spanish II. A student whose primary language for a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages is Spanish may not also earn a minor in Spanish.

Required Courses
SPAN 312Grammar for Heritage/Native Speakers of Spanish3
or SPAN 313 Spanish Grammar
SPAN 314Spanish Composition3
or SPAN 315 Composition for Heritage/Native Speakers of Spanish
Select 12 credits from SPAN 300 or 400 level courses 112
Total Credits18

Up to 6 elective credits may be at the 200 level. SPAN 364V Culture and Civilization of Mexico and SPAN 365V Culture and Civilization of Spanish America do not count for a minor in Spanish as they are taught in English.