Pre-Medicine Studies- Undergraduate Minor

The Pre-Medical School minor at New Mexico State University is part of a pre-medicine education program that addresses the growing demand for doctors, surgeons, and biomedical researchers with a strong understanding of a broad cross-section of STEM subjects and who model the human body as a series of interacting chemical process units. This minor of study is designed for students seeking a strong pre-med background (for both MCAT prep and program entry prereq completion) or who may be targeting a graduate degree in biomedical engineering. A student must pass 22 credits of courses with a grade C- or better. The minor includes 19 credit hours of required courses, and 3 credit hours of elective courses. No courses may be taken S/U. All prerequisites for the classes must be met or consent of the instructor obtained before enrolling in class.

Prefix Title Credits
CHME 305Transport Operations I: Fluid Flow3
BIOL 2110G
BIOL 2110L
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology
and Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOL 353Pre-Professional Human Anatomy4
BIOL 353 LPre-Professional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
BIOL 354Physiology of Humans3
BIOL 354 LLaboratory of Human Physiology1
BCHE 395Biochemistry I3
Total Credits22