Chemistry - Undergraduate Minor

Required Courses
CHEM 111GGeneral Chemistry I4
or CHEM 115 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 112GGeneral Chemistry II4
or CHEM 116 Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry3-4
or CHEM 313 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 314Organic Chemistry II3
Additional Courses
Select sufficient additional upper division CHEM/BCHE credits to bring total upper division CHEM/BCHE credits to at least 9 from the following:3
Physical/Analytical Chemistry Emphases
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry3
Analytical Chemistry4
Physical Chemistry3
Biochemical Emphasis
Organic Chemistry I3
Organic Chemistry II3
Survey of Biochemistry4
Total Credits17-18

The following courses do not count towards a minor in Chemistry:

CHEM 100Basic Chemistry3
CHEM 110GPrinciples and Applications of Chemistry4
CHEM 217General Chemistry III3
CHEM 241Introduction to Research1-3
CHEM 351Special Topics1-3
CHEM 443Senior Seminar1
No BCHE courses except BCHE 341
Supplemental instruction (SI) courses are not accepted.

Courses provisionally allowed:

CHEM 441Advanced Research (3 credits maximum)1-3
CHEM 451Special Topics (by petition only)1-3