East Asian Studies - Undergraduate Minor

Prefix Title Credits
Language Proficiency6
All Students must reach a second-year proficiency in Japanese or Chinese. completion of JAPN 2120 or CHIN 2120 or higher will satisfy that requirement. The minimum of 6 credits in language is taken from the below-listed coures:
Mandarin Chinese III
Mandarin Chinese IV
Advanced Chinese Language I
Advanced Chinese Language II
Japanese III
Japanese IV3
Oral Practicum in Japanese1-3
Independent Studies in Japanese1-3
Cultural, Professional Courses12
The remaining 12 credits can be completed in at least two of the following departments.
At least 9 credits of those credits from the following and no more than 3 credits from the Non-Asian Studies courses.
Japanese Culture and Society: Anthropological Perspectives3
Art of China I: Neolithic to Song Dynasty3
Art of China II: Song Dynasty to Today3
Gender in East Asian History3
East Asia to 16003
East Asia since 16003
History of Korea3
Cultural History of Later Imperial China3
Special Topics in Asian History3
China through the Ming Dynasty3
China in the Modern World3
History of Japan3
Gender in East Asian History3
Bamboo and Silk: The Fabric of Chinese Literature3
Worlds of Buddhism3
Non-Asian Studies courses
Communication and Culture3
International Communication3
International Business and Economic Environments3
International Relations Theory3
Total Credits18