Religious Studies - Undergraduate Minor

Students must pass 18 credits of which at least 9 are upper division. Students must earn C- or higher grades and cannot count S/U courses unless all grades in the course must be S/U. No more than 9 credits (upper or lower division) can be earned in any one department. Students may not earn more than 3 credits total in independent studies or special readings courses and must receive approval from the minor advisor to count these credits. Courses that may be eligible as special topics courses when offered with specific subtitles are asterisked. Please contact the Department of Anthropology regarding the minor.


Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
ANTH 330VMagic, Witchcraft and Religion3
Select 15 credits from the following: 115
At least 9 credits must be upper division
Native Peoples of North America3
Ancient Mexico3
Federal Indian Policy3
Medieval Art3
Native American Art3
Art of China I: Neolithic to Song Dynasty3
Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture of the Andes3
Italian Renaissance Art3
Northern Renaissance Art3
World Dance3
The Bible as Literature3
Middle English Textual Cultures3
East Asia to 16003
Islamic Civilizations to 18003
Islamic Civilizations since 18003
History of Magic and Witchcraft in Medieval and Renaissance Europe3
China through the Ming Dynasty3
History of Japan3
The New Testament as Literature3
The Worlds of Arthur3
Archaeology: Search for the Past3
Medieval Understandings: Literature and Culture in the Middle Ages3
Art and Mythology3
Comparative Mythology: Myth, Ritual, and the Life Cycle3
Native American Philosophy and Spirituality3
The Gothic Imagination3
The Quest for God3
Philosophy of Religion3
Sociology of Religion3
Or by approval of Minor Advisor
Total Credits18