Physics - Undergraduate Minor

A student cannot earn a BA or a BS in Physics and a minor in Physics. The minor in Physics requires a minimum of 18 credits distributed as follows:

PHYS 213Mechanics3
or PHYS 215G Engineering Physics I
PHYS 214Electricity and Magnetism3
or PHYS 216G Engineering Physics II
PHYS 315Modern Physics3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Heat, Light, and Sound3
Other Physics or Geophysics courses numbered 300 or above
Select 0-6 credits from the following: 10-6
Orbital Mechanics3
Mechanics of Materials3
Engineering Materials3
Introduction to Nuclear Energy3
Health Physics3
Nuclear Reactor Theory3
Physical Chemistry3
Physical Chemistry Honors
Physical Chemistry I3
Physical Chemistry I Honors
Physical Chemistry II3
Engineering Analysis II3
Fields and Waves4
Introduction to Semiconductor Devices3
Introduction to Optics3
Fundamentals of Photonics4
Lasers and Applications4
Intermediate Dynamics3
Fluid Mechanics3
Applied Thermodynamics3
Total Credits18-24

Other courses may be chosen with the approval of the Physics department head.