Physics - Undergraduate Minor

A student cannot earn a BA or a BS in Physics and a minor in Physics. The minor in Physics requires a minimum of 18 credits distributed as follows:

Prefix Title Credits
PHYS 2110Mechanics3
or PHYS 1310G Calculus -Based Physics I
PHYS 2140Electricity and Magnetism3
or PHYS 1320G Calculus -Based Physics II
PHYS 315Modern Physics3
Select 3-9 credits from the following:3-9
Heat, Light, and Sound3
Other Physics or Geophysics courses numbered 300 or above
Select 0-6 credits from the following: 10-6
Orbital Mechanics3
Mechanics of Materials3
Engineering Materials3
Introduction to Nuclear Energy3
Health Physics3
Physical Chemistry3
Physical Chemistry Honors
Physical Chemistry I3
Physical Chemistry I Honors
Physical Chemistry II3
Introduction to Optics3
Fundamentals of Photonics4
Lasers and Applications4
Intermediate Dynamics3
Fluid Mechanics3
Applied Thermodynamics3
Total Credits18