Human Biology - Undergraduate Minor

The Human Biology minor is intended to provide academic recognition for students who wish to focus a significant amount of attention on courses that deal with human beings from a wide variety of biological standpoints. Thus, course work may encompass topics representing a range of viewpoints such as biological function, human ecology, human origins, and psychology. Successful completion of this minor will provide students with a valuable interdisciplinary perspective on the human condition. This program consists of a minimum of 18 hours, that includes a minimum of 12 from within the Biology Department and a minimum of 3 outside the department. Successful completion of the minor will be certified by the Biology Department. A grade of C- or better is required of all minor courses.


Required Departmental Courses
BIOL 211GCellular and Organismal Biology3
BIOL 211GLCellular and Organismal Biology Laboratory1
Select 3-4 credits from the following: 13-4
Human Physiology3
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy4
Physiology of Humans3
Additional Courses
Select sufficient credits to total 18 credits from within and outside Biology department:11
Within Department
Select a minimum of 5 credits from the following:
Human Biology3
Principles of Genetics3
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
Laboratory of Human Physiology1
An Introduction to Cancer3
Human Osteology3
Human Osteology Lab1
Human Evolution3
Human Evolution Laboratory1
Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases3
Developmental Biology3
Outside Department
Select a minimum of 3 credits; maximum 6 credits from the following:
Human's Place in Nature: Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
Human's Place in Nature Laboratory1
Physical Anthropology3
Medical Anthropology3
The Human Mind3
Science, Ethics and Society3
Human Sexuality3
Psychology and the Brain3
Total Credits18-19

Any of BIOL 254 Human Physiology, BIOL 353 Pre-Professional Human Anatomy, or BIOL 354 Physiology of Humans not taken as a departmental requirement can be taken as one of the departmental elective courses.