Human Biology - Undergraduate Minor

The Human Biology minor is intended to provide academic recognition for students who wish to focus a significant amount of attention on courses that deal with human beings from a wide variety of biological standpoints. Thus, course work may encompass topics representing a range of viewpoints such as biological function, human ecology, human origins, and psychology. Successful completion of this minor will provide students with a valuable interdisciplinary perspective on the human condition. This program consists of a minimum of 18 hours, that includes a minimum of 12 from within the Biology Department and a minimum of 3 outside the department. Successful completion of the minor will be certified by the Biology Department. A grade of C- or better is required of all minor courses.


Prefix Title Credits
Required Departmental Courses
BIOL 211GCellular and Organismal Biology3
BIOL 211GLCellular and Organismal Biology Laboratory1
Select 3-4 credits from the following: 13-4
Human Physiology3
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy4
Physiology of Humans3
Additional Courses
Select sufficient credits to total 18 credits from within and outside Biology department:11
Within Department
Select a minimum of 5 credits from the following:
Human Biology3
Principles of Genetics3
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
Laboratory of Human Physiology1
An Introduction to Cancer3
Human Osteology3
Human Evolution3
Human Evolution Laboratory1
Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases3
Developmental Biology3
Outside Department
Select a minimum of 3 credits; maximum 6 credits from the following:
Human's Place in Nature: Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
Human's Place in Nature Laboratory1
Physical Anthropology3
Medical Anthropology3
The Human Mind3
Science, Ethics and Society3
Human Sexuality3
Psychology and the Brain3
Total Credits18-19