Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management - Bachelor of Science

Core Courses

General Education Requirements
Select 36 credits of general education requirements and 6 credits of Viewing A Wider World Courses. 1, 242
Departmental Requirements
HRTM 201Introduction to Tourism3
HRTM 221Introduction to Hospitality Management3
HRTM 263Food Production and Service Fundamentals3
HRTM 301Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Marketing3
HRTM 302Hospitality Management Accounting3
HRTM 304Hospitality and Travel Law3
HRTM 307Professional Development1
HRTM 311Hospitality Leadership Management3
HRTM 331Hotel Operations I3
HRTM 363Quantity Food Production and Service6
HRTM 408Hospitality Internship1
HRTM 409HRTM Internship Seminar1
HRTM 410Hospitality Cost Control3
HRTM 430Hospitality Facilities Management3
HRTM 434Senior Capstone Experience 33
Nondepartmental Requirements
A ST 251GStatistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences 43
or STAT 251G Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
ACCT 221Principles of Accounting I (Financial)3
Select one from the following:3-6
Introduction to Economics3
Principles of Macroeconomics
and Principles of Microeconomics 5
FIN 341Financial Analysis and Markets3
MGT 309Human Behavior in Organizations3
MGT 332Human Resources Management3
SPAN 111Elementary Spanish I (or any higher level Spanish course)4
Any MKTG #300 and above3
Departmental Electives
Select 9 credits of Professional Departmental Electives in consultation with your advisor.9
Student may need open elective credits to bring total credits to 120 credits for graduation.
Total Credits118-121

A list of specific general education requirements available in the department. Please check with your advisor.


 Viewing A Wider Wold Requirement - Two courses in two different colleges, with at least one from outside ACES. See list of approved courses in the catalog. (300+ level courses with a "V" behind them.)


Complete during final semester.


 Counts as Area II - Math/Algebra requirement


 Counts as Area IV - Social/Behavioral Sciences requirement

Departmental Electives

Select 9 credits of Departmental Electives. The following are typical offerings:9
Beverage Management3
Restaurant Operations Management4
International Food and Wine3
Club Management and Marketing3
Hotel Operations II3
Hotel Revenue and Sales Management3
Meetings, Conventions and Special Events3
Special Topics (If pre-approved)1-4
Special Problems (If pre-approved)1-4
Total Credits9