Linguistics - Supplementary Major

This program consists of 24 credits drawn from the lists below. In addition, students must satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences Second Language Requirement. 

Prefix Title Credits
Core Requirements
LING 2110GIntroduction to the Study of Language and Linguistics3
LING 302VLanguage and Society3
LING 303Exploring Language Systems3
LING 425Language and the Mind: Introduction to Psycholinguistics3
Select 12 credits from the following: 112
Anthropological Linguistics3
American Sign Language I3
American Sign Language II3
American Sign Language III3
Independent Study 21-6
Programming Language Structure I3
Special Topics 21-6
Communication Research Methods3
Persuasion Theory and Practice3
Organizational Communication3
Communication and Culture3
Interpersonal Communication3
Political Communication3
Technologies of Human Communication3
Deception and Communication3
Nonverbal Communication3
International Communication3
Health Communication3
Independent Study 21-3
Selected Topics 21-6
French Phonetics3
Special Topics in French1-3
Special Topics in German1-3
Independent Studies in German1-3
Independent Studies in Linguistics 21-3
Formal Logic3
Philosophy of Language3
Philosophy of Mind3
Independent Luso-Brazilian Studies 21-3
Directed Readings1-3
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
Spanish in Social Contexts3
Topics in Applied Spanish Linguistics3
Introduction to Spanish Phonetics3
History of the Spanish Language3
Structure of Spanish3
Espanol de los Estados Unidos3
Total Credits24