Early Childhood Education - Undergraduate Minor

The primary function of the undergraduate programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is the preparation of licensed teachers for early-childhood settings and elementary and secondary schools. This process includes a broad general education, professional education and teaching specializations.

Prefix Title Credits
Early Childhood Education Minor
Select a minimum of 9 credits in lower division courses9
Child Growth, Development, and Learning3
Health, Safety, and Nutrition2
Family and Community Collaboration3
Introduction to Language, Literacy, and Reading3
Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs3
Guiding Young Children3
Infancy and Early Childhood in the Family3
The Preschool Child3
Select a minimum of 9 credits in upper division courses9
Research in Child, Growth, Development and Learning3
Family, Language and Cultural3
Emergent Literacy3
Advanced Caregiving for Infants and Toddlers3
Introduction to Special Education in a Diverse Society3
Working with Young Children with Special Needs, Ages 3-83
Multicultural Education3
Parenting and Child Guidance3
Introduction to Child Advocacy3
Sociology of Childhood3
Total Credits18