Finance - Bachelor of Business Administration

Finance is the crossroads of economics, strategy and accounting, and the study of how firms and individuals allocate resources over time and under uncertain conditions. The finance curriculum provides a core foundation in corporate finance, investments, and financial institutions. The theory and concepts are then applied to problem-solving in a variety of areas including financial markets and institutions, corporate finance, international financial management, stock valuation and portfolio allocation, fixed-income markets, and derivatives.


Completion of the courses listed below (including any prerequisites) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in these courses. At least twelve of the credits for the major must be completed at NMSU.

Major Courses
FIN 355Investments3
FIN 360Financial Information Technology3
FIN 385Analysis of Financial Markets and Institutions3
FIN 406Theory of Financial Decisions3
Finance Electives
Select four additional, upper division, finance courses 112
Total Credit Hours24

Upper division Finance courses must have a number greater than 310. The following courses: FIN 331, FIN 322, and FIN 333 may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

Every candidate for this major must fulfill the general education common core, College of Business foundation and business core, Viewing a Wider World requirements and general electives, in addition to the requirement for the major. Given below is a suggested study plan for a student pursuing a Finance major.

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
FIN 341 Financial Analysis and Markets 3
FIN elective 1 3
FIN 355 Investments 3
FIN 360 Financial Information Technology 3
FIN 385 Analysis of Financial Markets and Institutions 3
FIN 406 Theory of Financial Decisions 3
FIN elective 1 3
FIN elective 1 3
FIN elective 1 3
 Total Credits27

Finance elective must have a number greater than 310. The following courses: FIN 331, FIN 322, and FIN 333 may not be used as electives to satisfy the requirements for the major.