Medieval and Early Modern Studies - Undergraduate Minor

Students must earn 18 credits from the approved course lists below. At least 9 credits must be upper division. No more than 9 credits may be taken under faculty in any department. Students may request approval for other courses clearly related to Medieval and/or Early Modern Studies from the undergraduate advisor in the Department of English in consultation with faculty in medieval and early modern studies.

Prefix Title Credits
Select three from the following:9
Introduction to Art History I3
The Bible as Literature3
Survey of English Literature I3
Roots of Modern Europe3
East Asia to 16003
Islamic Civilizations to 18003
Foundations of Western Culture3
The New Testament as Literature3
The Worlds of Arthur3
Medieval Understandings: Literature and Culture in the Middle Ages3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Special Topics in Art History 13
Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy, Spain, and Hispanic Latin America3
Independent Research Problems in Art History 11-9
Seminar: Selected Topics in Art History 13
Women Writers 13
Shakespeare I3
Shakespeare II3
Advanced Study in a Literary Period or Movement 13
Advanced Study in a Literary Form or Genre 13
Advanced Study in a Major Author 13
Advanced Study in a Major Text 13
Advanced Study in Comparative Literature 13
Advanced Study in English Literature3
Women's Literature 13
Women's Literature 13
Middle English Textual Cultures3
Survey of French Literature I3
Special Topics in French 11-3
Colonial Latin America3
Cultural History of Later Imperial China3
The Roman World3
Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-17153
Special Topics 11-9
United States Labor History Since 18773
Urban History3
China through the Ming Dynasty3
Art and Mythology3
Honors Thesis 13
Music History and Literature: Classic through Romantic3
Music of the Baroque Era3
Modern Philosophy3
Independent Studies 11-3
Independent Studies 11-3
Special Topics 13
Acting Shakespeare3
Total Credits18