Latin American Studies - Supplemental Major

This program consists of 24 credits drawn from the lists below of which 18 credits must be numbered 300 or above. In addition, students must satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences Second Language Requirement.


There are two options based on the section chosen by the student:

Option 1

Concentration in Latin American Language, Culture and Literature (Spanish or Portuguese):

  • 12 credits from Section 1
  • 12 credits from Section 2, (Note: No more than 6 credits may be taken in a single department)

Option 2

Concentration in one major (e.g., history, government, economics, health science, anthropology, sociology) included in Latin American Social Sciences and Art:

  • 12 credits in the chosen area of Section 2 
  • 6 credits from another area (or areas) of Section 2
  • 6 credits from Section 1

Both options require that the student take at least two Spanish or Portuguese courses above 300-level.

Section 1: Latin American Language, Culture and Literature

Only 3 credits will count.

Prefix Title Credits
Spanish/Portuguese Language
Select one from the following:3
Advanced Conversation3
Spanish in the Community3
Health Disparities: Determinants and Interventions3
SPAN 305Topics in Hispanic Civilization3
SPAN 306Special Topics3
SPAN 491History of the Spanish Language3
SPAN 388Contemporary Hispanic Literature3

Section 2: Latin American Social Sciences and Art

Prefix Title Credits
Course List
ANTH 306VPeoples of Latin America3
ANTH 312The Ancient Maya3
ANTH 313VAncient Mexico3
ARTH 344Gender, Sexuality, and Art in the Americas 3
ECON 324VDeveloping Nations3
GEOG 328VEnvironments of Latin America3
POLS 371Latin American Politics3
POLS 378U.S.-Mexico Border Politics3
POLS 379Mexican Politics3
HIST 311VColonial Latin America3
HIST 312VModern Latin America3
HIST 331Rebels, Guerrillas, and Terrorists in Modern Latin America3
HIST 356The Mexican Revolution3
HIST 387Spain in the New World: Conquest, Conflict, and Cultural Exchange3
HIST 453Cuba: Colony to Castro3
PHLS 4630International Health Problems3
PHLS 4660U.S.-Mexico Border Health Issues3
PORT 453Independent Luso-Brazilian Studies1-3
SOCI 3310VSocial Issues in the Rural Americas3
SPAN 364VCulture and Civilization of Mexico3
SPAN 365VCulture and Civilization of Spanish America3
SPAN 412Spanish-American Poetry3
SPAN 418Spanish-American Short Story3
SPAN 419Spanish American Drama3
SPAN 421New Mexico Culture and Literature3
SPAN 422Cultural Production of Hispanic Revolutions and Wars3
SPAN 424Post-Modern Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 426Spanish-American Novel3
SPAN 447Hispanic Film3

In both sections, independent studies, honors or special topics courses may be chosen with the approval of the Supplementary Major in Latin American Studies advisor, the head of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, and the College of Arts and Sciences. As departments add new courses they may be included in the program.