Sociology - Graduate Minor

The Department of Sociology offers a Graduate Minor in Sociology to graduate students in other departments on campus at NMSU. For the minor in Sociology, students are required to complete 9 credits (3 courses) of graduate-level Sociology coursework. One course must be a core graduate Sociology course (SOCI 5153 Seminar in Sociological Research, SOCI 5157 Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods, SOCI 5163 Issues in Advanced Quantitative Analysis, and SOCI 5165 Foundations of Social Theory), and the remaining two courses must be elective Sociology courses. An elective Sociology course is any other non-core SOCI 5000+ course except for: SOCI 5110 Perspectives on Sociology, SOCI 5998 Internship and SOCI 5999 Master's Thesis

Prefix Title Credits
Complete one course (3 credits) from the following: 3
Seminar in Sociological Research3
Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods3
Issues in Advanced Quantitative Analysis3
Foundations of Social Theory3
Complete two courses (6 credits) from any other SOCI 5000+ courses with the exception of SOCI 5110, 5998, 5999.6
Total Credits9