Counseling and Education Psychology - Undergraduate Minor

A minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology (CEP) is available to the student receiving a bachelor’s degree from another department in the university. The minor in CEP is designed to be useful to the undergraduate who is preparing to enter one of the helping professions such as psychology, education, social work, criminal justice or nursing. A total of 18 credits is required to obtain the CEP minor, of which, at least 9 credits must be at 300 level or above.

Students must earn a B- or better in all CEP minor courses.

Contact the CEP office for more information on the minor application process or see CEP Minor website:

Prefix Title Credits
Select 18 credits of CEPY electives from the following, with at least 9 credits of upper division (3000 and above):18
Human Growth and Behavior3
Learning in the Classroom3
The Preschool Child3
Adolescence - School Setting3
Explorations of Counseling & Community Psychology3
Human Relations Training3
Sex Roles in Education3
Introduction of Mindfulness Practice3
Introduction to Counseling3
Addictions Prevention and Recovery3
Family Guidance3
Psychology, Multiculturalism and Counseling3
Independent Study1-6
Total Credits18