Educational Leadership & Administration (Pk-12 Education) - Doctor of Philosophy

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (ELDP)

The Doctor of Philosophy is a research-oriented degree. Coursework and internships are directed toward developing research proficiencies in educational leadership. The Ph.D. also requires additional hours of coursework in an approved cognate area.

For More Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the School of TPAL if you have any questions related to ELDP.  Feel free to send an e-mail message to or call (575) 646-3825.

Required Courses

Prefix Title Credits
ELAD 6110Organizational Theory3
ELAD 6120Elements of Research3
ELAD 6210Quantitative Research I3
ELAD 6220Qualitative Research I3
ELAD 6410Quantitative Research II3
ELAD 6520Public School Law3
ELAD 6310Concepts of Leadership in Education3
ELAD 6320Foundations of Educational Administration3
ELAD 6510Qualitative Research II3
ELAD 6610Scholarly Writing and the Southwest Border3
ELAD 6620Evaluation Design in Education3
ELAD 6630Educational Financial Management3
ELAD 6910Dissertation Seminar3
ELAD 6998Advanced Internship6
ELAD 7000Doctoral Dissertation18
Cognate Coursework 115
Total Credits78

 Example of possible Cognate courses but not limited to the following:

  • Child and Family Development
  • Communication
  • Feminist/Gender Studies
  • Latino/a Studies
  • Native American Studies
  • Program Evaluation/Data Analysis
  • Research Methods
  • Social Justice/Critical Theory
  • Sociocultural Theory
  • Critical Race Theory/LatCrit
  • Sociology

A Suggested Plan of Study

There are also 15 credits of Cognate coursework that must be completed in order to fulfill the requirements of the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ELAD 6110 Organizational Theory 3
ELAD 6120 Elements of Research 3
ELAD 6210 Quantitative Research I 3
ELAD 6220 Qualitative Research I 3
ELAD 6310 Concepts of Leadership in Education 3
ELAD 6320 Foundations of Educational Administration 3
Second Year
ELAD 6410 Quantitative Research II 3
ELAD 6998 Advanced Internship 3
ELAD 6510 Qualitative Research II 3
ELAD 6998 Advanced Internship 3
ELAD 6520 Public School Law 3
ELAD 6610 Scholarly Writing and the Southwest Border 3
ELAD 6620 Evaluation Design in Education 3
ELAD 6630 Educational Financial Management 3
Third Year
ELAD 6910 Dissertation Seminar 3
ELAD 7000 Doctoral Dissertation 6
Fourth Year
ELAD 7000 Doctoral Dissertation 6
ELAD 7000 Doctoral Dissertation 6
 Total Credits63