Sustainable Development - Undergraduate Minor

The Undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary program through which students develop a deeper understanding of the relations between humans and the natural environment. The minor offers students the opportunity to cross disciplines and construct a coherent interdisciplinary program that focuses on:

  • Human interactions with the natural environment
  • Society’s role in depleting and transforming natural resources
  • Critical issues in sustainable development
  • New strategies for conserving natural resources and/or sustainable agricultural production

NMSU occupies a unique strategic position as a land grant institution in a multi-cultural regional setting, combined with its geographic location on a binational border. Students in different programs can use the minor in sustainable development to enhance their undergraduate degree and prepare themselves professionally to seek careers and graduate degrees in sustainable and international development.

A minor in Sustainable Development is available for students who want to include sustainable development in their academic training. The minor requires 18 credit hours


Prefix Title Credits
Core Courses 118
World Agriculture and Food Problems3
World Agriculture and Food Problems
Natural Resource Economics3
Natural Resource Economics
Water Resource Economics3
Water Resource Economics
John Muir: Lessons in Sustainability3
Science & Society3
Food and Culture Around the World3
Environmental Anthropology3
New Mexico and the American West3
Economic Geography3
Cultural Geography3
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, and Floods: The Role of Natural Hazards in Civ Past and Present3
Agriculture in an Interconnected World3
Global Environmental Assessment and Management3
Global Environmental Health Issues3
Energy and Society in the New Millennium3
Environmental Policy3
Social Issues in the Rural Americas3
Environmental Sociology3