Agricultural Business Management- Undergraduate Minor

The minor in Agricultural Business Management (ABM) consists of 18 or more credit hours of approved course work from the list below.  All courses must be completed with grades of "C" or better.  Once courses are completed or show "IP" status, students pursuing the ABM minor need to log in to their myNMSU and print out the STAR Audit for the minor and obtain departmental approval. The course requirements for the ABM minor are as follows:

Prefix Title Credits
Quantitative/Information - 6 credits6
Technology and Communication for Business Management3
Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
Statistical Applications
Agricultural Economics, Law and Policy - 6 credits6
Principles of Microeconomics3
Choose 1 from the following:
Agricultural and Natural Resource Law3
Agricultural Policy3
Agribusiness Management - 6 credits6
Principles of Food and Agribusiness Management3
Choose 1 from the following - 3 credits
Introduction to Food and Agribusiness Accounting3
Marketing and Food Agricultural Products
Financial Futures Markets
Food and Agricultural Sales3
Food and Agribusiness Finance and Planning
Natural Resource Economics
Economic Analysis of Food and Agribusiness3
Water Resource Economics
Case Studies in Food and Agribusiness Management3
Real Estate Appraisal
Total Credits18