Conservation Ecology - Undergraduate Minor

A minor in Conservation Ecology is available for students who choose to major in other areas, but wish to include Conservation Ecology in their academic training. A minor in Conservation Ecology must include a minimum of 20 credits in the discipline with 9 of these coming from upper-division courses.


Prefix Title Credits
Core Curriculum
BIOL 111GNatural History of Life3
BIOL 111GLNatural History of Life Laboratory1
BIOL 301Principles of Ecology3
or FWCE 301 Wildlife Ecology
BIOL 462Conservation Biology3
FWCE 255Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management3
FWCE 402Seminar in Natural Resource Management1
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Plant Taxonomy3
Rangeland Plants
Structure and Function of Plants3
Invertebrate Zoology4
Animal Behavior3
Principles of Conservation Genetics3
Water Resource Economics3
Natural Resource Economics3
Economic Entomology3
Natural History of the Vertebrates4
Introduction to Population Ecology3
Avian Field Ecology4
Wildlife Law and Policy3
Management of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems4
Total Credits20