Molecular Biology - Graduate Minor

The Molecular Biology Minor consists of 10 credit hours including MOLB 545; either MOLB 520 or MOLB 542; any of the tier II courses; and one MOLB 590 seminar.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
MOLB 545Molecular and Biochemical Genetics3
MOLB 520Molecular Cell Biology3
or MOLB 542 Biochemistry I
MOLB 590Discussions in Molecular Biology1
Molecular Biology Tier II Courses
Select one from the following:3
Molecular Analysis of Complex Traits3
Advanced Reproductive Physiology (fo)3
Metabolic Functions and Dysfunctions (fe)3
Biochemistry II3
Physical Biochemistry3
Physiology of Microorganisms3
Developmental Biology3
Applied and Environmental Microbiology4
Molecular Biology of Microorganisms3
Professional Development Seminar1-3
Special Topics1-3
Advanced Topics in Environmental Microbiology3
Selected Topics1-3
Plant Virology3
Biochemistry II3
Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology1-3
Toxicology I3
Genes and Genomes3
Total Credits10