Law and Society - Supplemental Major

The Department of Government also coordinates a supplementary major in law and society that may be taken in addition to a regular major. The program is designed to allow students to combine law-related classes offered across a range of departments and disciplines. It is of particular interest to undergraduates interested in law school or who contemplate careers in fields closely related to the legal profession, such as government, politics, social work or law enforcement.


The supplementary major consists of 24 credits chosen from the courses listed below. At least 18 credits must be earned in upper-division courses and 6 credits must be earned from listed courses outside the student's primary major. Candidates for the Law and Society degree must declare their supplementary major prior to completing the last 9 credits of the program.

Prefix Title Credits
Core Courses
Select three from the following four courses, or two from this group and any one from the next group immediately below it:9
Criminal Law3
Law and Society3
Constitutional Law3
Judicial Process3
You may choose one of the following three classes to count as a core course:
Criminal Procedural Law3
Civil Liberties3
Media Law3
Communication Skills
Select one from the following:3
Persuasion Theory and Practice3
Advanced Composition3
Writing Philosophy3
Critical Thinking Skills
Select one from the following:3
Classical Political Thought3
Logic, Reasoning, & Critical Thinking3
Formal Logic3
Select one from the following:3
Law of Evidence3
Forensic Law3
American Political Thought3
Philosophy of Law3
Psychology and the Law3
Crime and Society3
Legal Policy Issues
Select two from the following:6
Legal Environment of Business3
Employment and Consumer Law3
Criminal Courts and Procedure3
Correctional Law3
The Supreme Court3
Religion and Politics3
Special Topics in Public Law3
International Law3
Legal Issues in Modern Society3
Hospitality and Travel Law3
Philosophy, Law, and Ethics3
Social and Political Philosophy3
Juvenile Delinquency3
Or either one of the following:
New Mexico Law3
New Mexico Law3
Total Credits24