Medical Anthropology - Undergraduate Minor

Program Overview and Objective

The goal of the Undergraduate Minor in Medical Anthropology is to help students develop a critical biocultural understanding of human health, disease, and illness. Students will learn about cultural, epidemiological, and evolutionary approaches to understanding health, wellness, and the body; culture and healing systems; social and structural determinants of health disparities; global/international health; human variation and adaptation; and engaging with diverse communities on health issues. The minor is particularly appropriate for students who are pursuing careers in health professions.

Students who earn a minor in Medical Anthropology must complete 18 credits. ANTH 357V Medical Anthropology is required. A grade of C- or better must be obtained for each course. Students may count S grades only in courses in which all grades are S/U, and no more than 6 hours of S credit can be accepted. Students may count no more than 15 credits in Anthropology. Please contact the Department of Anthropology regarding the minor.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Course
ANTH 357VMedical Anthropology3
Elective Courses (within Department)15
Select a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 12 credits
Contemporary Medical Anthropology3
Nutritional Anthropology3
Human Health and Biological Variation3
Evolutionary Medicine3
Gender and Reproduction3
Applied Medical Anthropology3
Internship in Anthropology (with permission of Anthropology Department Head)3
Elective Courses (outside of Department)
Select a minimum of 3 credits and a maximum of 6 credits
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy (prerequisite BIOL 2110G/L)4
Pre-Professional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
Physiology of Humans (prerequisite BIOL 2110G/L)3
Laboratory of Human Physiology1
Human Growth and Behavior3
Human Sexuality3
Global Environmental Health Issues3
Women's Health Issues3
Cross-Cultural Aspects of Health3
Health Psychology (prerequisite PSYC 1110G)3
Students may substitute other offerings in Human Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology (check prerequisites) with permission of Anthropology Department Head.
Total Credits18