Social Work - Master of Social Work (Full-Time Advanced)

The requirements for the Master of Social Work degree include30 credits of designated graduate courses for those accepted for advanced standing; a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all courses and practicums.

Note that all social work courses must be taken in sequence. Successful completion of course work for each semester is a prerequisite for the course work of the following semester.

An integral part of a graduate social work program is completing practicums. For those enrolled in the two-year and three-year programs, two practicum placements totaling 950 hours will be required. For those students entering the program with advanced standing, one practicum placement is required, totaling 500 hours in the field. Students are offered a wide range of practicum sites from which to choose. Students should be prepared to travel some distance and be responsible for their own transportation costs.

Application Deadlines

The priority deadline for completed applications is January 15 for fall admission.  Applications received after January 15 will only be reviewed on a space-available basis. Please apply by January 15 for full consideration. 

Course of Study

Full-Time Advanced Standing (30 credits)

Full-Time Advanced Standing begins in Summer and then follows the Year Two schedule, with the addition of 3 credits MSW or/outside elective in both fall and spring semesters.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SOWK 5260 Social Work Skills Application 2 1
SOWK 5330 Practice with Groups 3
SOWK 5310 Social Work Mental Health Practice 3
SOWK 5280 Advanced Generalist Practicum Experience I 3
SOWK 5281 Advanced Generalist Practicum Seminar I 2
5000-level Elective Course 1 3
SOWK 5340 Practice with Families 3
SOWK 5350 Practice with Organizations and Communities 3
SOWK 5994 Final Exit Project 1
SOWK 5290 Advanced Generalist Practicum Experience II 3
SOWK 5291 Advanced Generalist Practicum Seminar II 2
SOWK 5320 Practice with Individuals 3
 Total Credits30

This requirement can be completed with either an SOWK 5000-level course or any active 5000-level course (for any prefix) within the catalog with approval.


This course may be replaced by HEST 5110 Interprofessional Education and Learning

Related Outside Elective Examples (choose one graduate level)

MSW elective courses not listed above, Sociology, Anthropology, Education, Special Education, Psychology, Health Science, Family and Consumer Science, Counseling and Education Psychology, Economics, Management, Government, Statistics, Women's Studies, Criminal Justice.