Sustainability - Graduate Certificate

The Sustainability Graduate Certificate is open to students admitted to the Graduate School who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Completion of the certificate requires completion of each of the individual courses with a B or better.

A minimum of 12 credits are required for the certificate. At least 6 credits are from 500/5000-level and above.

Prefix Title Credits
The following courses are required and are expected to be taken in sequence:
ENVS 451Special Topics (Special Topics in Sustainability)3
RGSC 575Climate Studies, Water and Society3
ENVS 605Arid Land Water Resources3
Electives (choose two from the following): 16
Economics of Water Resource Management and Policy3
Advanced Sustainable Crop Production4
Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity I3
Introduction to Air Pollution3
Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Contaminants3
Environmental Impacts of Land Use and Contaminant Remediation3
Planning a Sustainable World3
Southwest Environments3
Advanced Environmental Sociology3
Seminar in Community Development3
System Dynamics3
Total Credits15

Other potential courses may be available in the catalog. Discuss with your Sustainability Advisor whether the course would be suitable. Substitutions and exceptions can be made with the approval of the Sustainability faculty advisor and Department Head of Plant & Environmental Sciences Department.