School Psychology - Specialist in Education

The CEP Department offers a School Psychology program that leads to a Specialist in Education (Ed. S.) degree. The National Association of School Psychologists accredits the program. The program provides additional education beyond the M.A. degree to prepare professionals for licensure as school psychologists in New Mexico and throughout the United States. The School Psychology program prepares its candidates to work with preschoolers, children, adolescents, and families. The various settings where School Psychologists are employed include public schools and other organizations that require advanced assessment, counseling, consultation, and other interventions. The program trains its candidates to serve students from various backgrounds with diverse educational, psychological, and emotional needs. Such training also includes working with all school personnel to help make education a positive and rewarding student experience.

Annual application deadline: January 15

For more information on program application requirements and process, see School Psychology, Ed.S., program website:

Program of Study

Prefix Title Credits
CEPY 5310Appraisal of Psychoeducational Achievement in a Diverse Society3
CEPY 5235Counseling Theory and Techniques for School Psychologists3
CEPY 5260Group Work Theory and Technique3
CEPY 5997Special Research Programs3
CEPY 6265Diagnostic Class3
CEPY 6120Human Development3
CEPY 6140Cognitive & Affective Basis of Behavior3
CEPY 6130Psychology of Multiculturalism3
SPED 6170School Intervention and Organization in a Diverse Society3
CEPY 6185Ethics, Law & Professional Issues in School Psychology3
CEPY 6420Psychometrics3
CEPY 6210School Psychology Research and Program Evaluation3
CEPY 6330Academic & Behavioral Assessment & Intervention3
CEPY 6340Appraisal of Cognitive Functioning3
CEPY 6350Appraisal of Personality3
CEPY 6240Child and Adolescent Counseling Theory and Technique3
CEPY 6250Family Therapy Theory and Technique3
CEPY 6260Consultation3
CEPY 6510Practicum in School Psychology: Psychoeducational3
CEPY 6530Practicum in School Psychology: Psychological3
CEPY 6610Internship in School Psychology12
Total Credits72