Agronomy - Undergraduate Minor

Students majoring in subjects other than Agronomy, Horticulture, Soil Science or Turfgrass Management may pursue a minor in Agronomy. Courses in chemistry (CHEM 111G General Chemistry I/CHEM 112G General Chemistry II) and Biology (BIOL 211G Cellular and Organismal Biology) are prerequisites for several of the courses.

Required Courses
AGRO 100GIntroductory Plant Science4
AGRO 365Principles of Crop Production4
SOIL 252Soils3
SOIL 252 LSoils Laboratory1
SOIL 312Soil Management and Fertility3
SOIL 312 LSoil Management and Fertility Lab1
Select 3-4 credits from the following to bring the total AGRO and SOIL credits to a minimum of 18 credits:3-4
Plant Propagation3
Principles of Genetics3
Introduction to Weed Science4
Crop Physiology3
Plant Breeding3
Plant Mineral Nutrition3
Sustainable Production of Agronomic Crops4
Irrigation and Drainage3
Total Credits19-20