Mechanical Engineering - Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Masters of Engineering degree is a coursework-based graduate degree that requires neither a thesis nor a project.

(30 credits)

Prefix Title Credits
M E 570Engineering Analysis I3
Core Courses
Select one course from each of the following 4 topic areas: 112
Solid Mechanics
Select one from the following:
Elasticity I3
Continuum Mechanics3
Thermal Science
Select one from the following:
Intermediate Heat Transfer3
Select one from the following:
Intermediate Fluid Mechanics3
Numerical Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer3
Dynamics and Vibrations
Select one from the following:
Engineering Analysis and Control
Select one from the following:
Applied Finite Elements3
Linear Systems Theory3
Additional Requirements
Select three courses (500 level or above) from any departments and two courses (500 level or above) from any college: 215
Total Credits30

Graduate A E courses may be substituted for M E courses with the approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator.


If course is not in A E or M E program, approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator is required.

Academic Advisor and Final Exit Survey

Newly admitted Mechanical Engineering Masters of Engineering students will be assigned the Graduate Program Coordinator as an academic advisor.

All students must take Professional Master's Degree Exit Survey to graduate, which will be conducted by the Graduate Program Coordinator and will be taken after completing all coursework.

New Mexico State University master’s accelerated program provides the opportunity for academically qualified undergraduate students to begin working on a master’s degree during their junior and senior years while completing a bachelor’s degree. Typically, a bachelor’s degree requires four years to complete, and a master’s degree requires an additional two years. The master’s accelerated programs allow students the opportunity to complete a graduate program in an accelerated manner. You can also check NMSU’s catalog for additional information about our programs. 

Please talk to an MAE faculty advisor about your MAP plan and develop a course plan in consultation with the advisor. The faculty advisor should preferably be from the MAE area of your interest. 

MAP Requirements

  • The Graduate School allows qualified junior or senior students to substitute its graduate courses for required or elective courses in an undergraduate degree program and then subsequently count those same course as fulfilling graduate requirements in a related graduate program.
  • Undergraduate students may apply for acceptance to the accelerated master’s program after completing 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework of which a minimum of 25 semester credit hours must be completed at NMSU.
  • The grade point average must be at a minimum of 2.75.
  • Students must receive a grade of B or higher in this coursework to be counted for graduate credit. If a grade of B- or lower is earned, it will not count toward the graduate degree.

Accepted MAP Courses

The following courses are accepted for use in the MAP program, any other courses may be considered after a consultation with an advisor. An exception will need to be made to the degree audit in order for the additional course(s) to be included on both the Undergraduate and Graduate degrees.

Prefix Title Credits
M E 452Control System Design3
M E 456Experimental Modal Analysis3
M E 460Applied Finite Elements3
M E 502Elasticity I3
M E 503Thermodynamics3
M E 504Continuum Mechanics3