Counseling Psychology - Doctor of Philosophy

The CEP Department offers a doctoral program that leads to a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. The program is accredited by the American Psychological Association.  For more information on this accreditation contact                                            

The Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979.

The program is based on the scientist-practitioner model through which both research and service delivery skills are acquired. Graduates of the program are prepared to conduct research, provide service, teach, and supervise. The program prepares students for licensure as psychologists. The two aims of the program are:

  1. To prepare entry-level counseling psychologists who are self-reflective and competent in both the practice and science of the profession.
  2. To prepare counseling psychologists who think critically about the socio-cultural context of their work and promote social justice

Annual application deadline: December 15

For more information on program application requirements and process, see Counseling Psychology, Ph.D., program website.

Program Requirements

CEP faculty conduct periodic reviews of students’ progress in the programs, including their academic performance, counseling and psycho-educational skills, professionalism and ethics. Deficits identified through faculty reviews may result in recommendations that students engage in remedial work or that they pursue alternative career goals. 

Program of Study

Prefix Title Credits
CEPY 5150The Art & Science of Mindfulness for Helping Professionals (CEP elective)1-3
CEPY 6160History and Systems of Psychology3
CEPY 5180Addictions Counseling3
CEPY 6180Physiology of Behavior3
CEPY 5280Primary Care Psychology3
CEPY 6120Human Development3
or CEPY 5120 Human Development
CEPY 6140Cognitive & Affective Basis of Behavior3
CEPY 6130Psychology of Multiculturalism3
CEPY 6150Social Psychology3
CEPY 6190Ethical/Professional Issues in Counseling Psychology3
CEPY 6425Counseling Psychology Research3
CEPY 6430Advanced Statistics3
CEPY 6440Multivariate Statistics3
CEPY 6420Psychometrics3
CEPY 6340Appraisal of Cognitive Functioning3
CEPY 6350Appraisal of Personality3
CEPY 6270Diagnosis and Treatment Planning3
or CEPY 5270 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
CEPY 6320Career/Life Planning and Vocational Assessment3
or CEPY 5320 Career/Life Planning and Vocational Assessment
CEPY 6240Child and Adolescent Counseling Theory and Technique (CEP elective)3
or CEPY 5240 Child and Adolescent Counseling Theory and Technique
CEPY 6250Family Therapy Theory and Technique (CEP elective)3
or CEPY 5250 Family Therapy Theory and Technique
CEPY 6590Behavioral Health Practicum3
CEPY 6550Counseling Psychology Theory/Practicum3
CEPY 6560Group Work Theory/Practicum3
CEPY 6570Advanced Counseling Psychology Practicum6
CEPY 6580Supervision Theory and Practicum3
CEPY 6620Internship in Counseling Psychology I18
CEPY 6630Internship in Counseling Psychology II2
CEPY 6450Educational Experimentation3
CEPY 7000Doctoral Dissertation18
Total Credits117-119