Education (Elementary Mathematics and Science) - Master of Arts

The College of Education's School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership at New Mexico State University offers a 34 credit Master of Arts in Education in Elementary
Mathematics and Science for individuals who have completed a Bachelor's degree and already licensed teachers. The program is designed to prepare teachers to be specialists in mathematics and science teaching and learning, and to prepare them to be leaders.

A part-time student enrolling in 6 credit hours per semester, including the summer, will complete this program in 2 years. The program follows a cohort model.

Eligible Participants must:

  • Have completed a bachelor's degree in a closely related field with a cumulative GPA of 2.80 or higher
  • Be admitted to the NMSU Graduate School
  • Be admitted to Curriculum & Instruction

Program Delivery: Main Campus; Face-to-face

Prefix Title Credits
Program Requirements
Core Courses
EDUC 5120Multicultural Education3
EDUC 5140Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy3
Elementary Mathematics and Science Course Work (28 credits)
EDUC 5520Elementary Mathematics Development I3
MATH 568Using Number Throughout the Curriculum3
EDUC 5530Elementary Mathematics Development 23
MATH 564From Number to Algebra3
E T 481Engineering Principles for Elementary Teachers3
BIOL 565Biology In The K-6 Curriculum3
MATH 567From Measurement to Geometry3
EDUC 5510Elementary Science Development3
EDUC 5540Leadership Advocacy in Elementary Mathematics and Science3
EDUC 5999Capstone Research Project1
Total Credits34

Observations of teaching, technology, and multicultural education are integrated into all coursework.