Engineering (Chemical Engineering) - Doctor of Philosophy

The program of study leading to the Ph.D. is available to students who have either a BS or MS in chemical engineering. Students with a BS must complete 30 course credits and 24 dissertation credits, for a total of 54 credits, including:

  • required core CHME courses (14 credits);
  • graduate elective courses (12 credits);
  • CHME elective courses (3 credits);
  • independent research as CHME 698 Ph.D. Research prior to completion of the comprehensive exam (6 credits);
  • dissertation as CHME 700 after completion of the comprehensive exam (18 credits); and
  • graduate seminar as CHME 690 Graduate Seminar (1 credit). 

Ph.D. students must pass:

  1. a qualifying examination within 24 months of starting their Ph.D. studies;
  2. a comprehensive examination completed a minimum of nine months prior to the dissertation defense; and
  3. an oral defense of the written dissertation before the dissertation committee.
  4. PhD candidates in the College of Engineering, who have successfully completed their PhD Qualifier Examination after January 1, 2018, must satisfy a publication requirement which requires two papers:

Paper #1: An archival paper accepted or published in any journal listed in the source publication list for the Web of Science, or a refereed Journal or Conference Proceeding approved by the student’s doctoral committee and the cognizant Department Head(s), before the Doctorate of Philosophy final examination. The candidate should be listed as the lead author in Paper #1.

Paper #2: An additional archival paper submitted, accepted, or published in any journal listed in the source publication list for the Web of Science. Alternatively, one conference paper accepted or published in a national or international conference proceedings.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Core Courses
CHME 501Graduate Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineers3
CHME 506Graduate Transport Phenomena(s)3
CHME 516Graduate Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering3
CHME 542Graduate Reactor Analysis and Design (s)3
CHME 594Professional Communication in Chemical Engineering2
CHME electives (select from CHME 455-CHME 589)3
Electives 112
CHME 690Graduate Seminar1
CHME 698Ph.D. Research6
Dissertation (18 hours)
Doctoral Dissertation1-9
Total Credits36

Elective courses are intended to supplement the research work of each graduate student. These courses must be numbered 450 or above and must be approved by the dissertation advisor.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CHME 501 Graduate Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineers 3
CHME 516 Graduate Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering 3
CHME Elective 3
CHME 506 Graduate Transport Phenomena(s) 3
CHME 542 Graduate Reactor Analysis and Design (s) 3
CHME 594 Professional Communication in Chemical Engineering 2
CHME 690 Graduate Seminar 1
Qualifying Exam
Second Year
Grad Electives 6
CHME 698 Ph.D. Research 3
Grad Elective 6
CHME 698 Ph.D. Research 3
Third Year
CHME 698 Ph.D. Research 6
Comprehensive Exam
CHME 700 Doctoral Dissertation 9
Fourth Year
CHME 700 Doctoral Dissertation 3
Dissertation Defense
 Total Credits54

 During the Third Year - Fall semester students may need to take additional coursework that doesn’t contribute to the 54 credit hour total in order to maintain full-time status