Chicano Studies - Supplemental Major

This program consists of 24 credits from the lists below. Advisor: Dr. Spencer R. Herrera, Languages and Linguistics.

Prefix Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select three from the following:9
Spanish in the Community3
U.S.-Hispanic Film3
Sociology of Latinos/as in the United States3
Introduction to Chicano Studies3
Culture and Literature
Select two from the following:6
Chicana/o Literature3
Southwestern Literature3
Latino/a Literature and Culture3
US-Mexico Border Culture & Literature3
Introduction to Chicano/US-Mexican Literature3
Chicano Literature3
Hispanic Cultures3
Applicable upper-division honors courses
Applicable upper-division “special topics” courses
Social Studies
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Race, Crime and Justice3
U.S.-Mexico Border Politics3
New Mexico Law3
Survey of New Mexico History3
Special Topics1-9
Race and Ethnic Relations3
US-Mexico Border Culture & Literature3
Espanol de los Estados Unidos3
Applicable upper-division honors courses
Applicable upper-division “special topics” courses
Select one from the following:3
Ancient Mexico3
Multicultural Counseling3
Multicultural Education3
Southwestern Literature3
New Mexico and the American West3
New Mexico Law3
Colonial Latin America3
Historic Preservation3
U.S.-Mexico Border Health Issues3
Strategies for Teaching Spanish for Heritage/Native Speakers3
Women Crossing Borders3
Total Credits24

Only with prior written permission of instructor, department head and course dean.

Independent study, honors or special topics courses may be chosen with the approval of the advisor for Supplementary Majors in Chicano Studies, the head of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, and the College of Arts and Sciences. As departments add new courses they may be included in the program.