Water Science and Management (International Water Resilience) - Master of Science

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
AEEC 5350Economics of Water Resource Management and Policy3
A ST 505Statistical Inference I4
RGSC 518Watershed Methods and Management (Lab Required - RGSC 318 M1A or M1B )3
or SOIL 456 Irrigation and Drainage
POLS 537Issues in Public Policy3
Seminar (4 Credits)4
Hands-On Transboundary Aquifer and Community System Convergence Seminar1
WSAM 590System Dynamics3
WSAM 598Internship3
Choose one course from the following: 3
Fundamentals of GIS4
Qualitative Data Analysis and Interpretation3
Research Methods in Government3
Qualitative Research Methods3
Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods3
Issues in Advanced Quantitative Analysis3
Seminar in Sociological Research3
WSAM 599Masters Thesis6
Total Credits32