History - Bachelor of Arts

The undergraduate history major consists of at least 42 credits in the major field, 24 credits of which must be numbered 300 or above. All courses must be passed with grades of C- or higher, and none may be taken on an S/U basis. Electives must be carefully selected by the student and approved by a Department of History advisor so that the student's program is well tailored to individual goals. All majors must be advised prior to registration.

Among the upper-division courses that majors take, one or more (in addition to HIST 398 Historians and History) must require a research-based paper or papers. In fulfilling their research requirements, majors must write one research-based paper or papers which together total at least 20 pages.

Departmental Requirements
Select two from the following:12
Roots of Modern Europe
and Modern Europe
Global History to 1500
and Global History Since 1500
Introduction to Early American History
and Introduction to Recent American History
East Asia to 1600
and East Asia since 1600
Islamic Civilizations to 1800
and Islamic Civilizations since 1800
Colonial Latin America
and Colonial Latin America
HIST 398Historians and History 13
Select at least one undergraduate seminar from the following:3
Native American History3
History of Art, Thought and Literature3
History of Race and Ethnicity3
United States Labor History to 18773
United States Labor History Since 18773
Urban History3
History of War and Revolution3
Nations and Nationalism3
Antiquity and Modernity3
The Cold War in Latin America3
Select six additional 3-credit upper division History courses, at least 1 of which must be a course numbered 400 or above. 2,318
Second Language Requirement:(not required)
Select sufficient electives to bring total credits to 120, including 48 upper-division credits.81
Total Credits117

Should be taken in junior year after consultation with advisor. Course prerequisite is ENGL 311G Advanced Composition.


No more than nine upper division credits (with exception of HIST 398 Historians and History) may be from any particular field of History. Students may count additional credits in a particular field of History if they pass more than the minimal number of required upper division credits for the degree.


Majors must pass a total of 18 upper division History credits (not including HIST 311V Colonial Latin America, HIST 312V Modern Latin America, and HIST 398 Historians and History) with at least 6 at the 400 level.

Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Arts in History there is no second language requirement for the degree.

Secondary Licensure

History majors who are planning on pursuing certification as public school teachers should take the following six courses in preparation. These six courses will complete approximately half of the course work necessary for students to earn teaching licensure in New Mexico. After completing the undergraduate degree in History with a grade point average of 2.5 or above, the student should apply to the Graduate School for admission to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education to pursue the remaining courses needed to complete secondary licensure.

Required Courses
EDUC 315Multicultural Education3
EDLT 368Integrating Technology with Teaching3
SPED 350Introduction to Special Education in a Diverse Society3
EDUC 381Secondary Field Experience3
EDUC 530Exploration in Education 13
Total Credits15

Recommended for senior year or as a graduate student.