Pre-Health - Undergraduate Minor

The Pre-Health minor is designed to be useful for undergraduate students interested in attending health-related professional schools (i.e., medical, dental, physical therapy, etc.). The courses selected for the minor represents content that will help prepare students to apply and attended health-related professional schools.


A minor in Pre-Health must include 22 credits from the listed courses work below.

Prefix Title Credits
Core Courses 1
BCHE 395Biochemistry I3
BIOL 354Physiology of Humans3
or SPMD 3210 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 305Principles of Genetics3
or GENE 320 Hereditary and Population Genetics
Choose one of the following:4
General Physics for Life Science II
and Laboratory to General Physics for Life Science II 2
Algebra-Based Physics II
and Algebra-Based Physics II Lab
Electricity and Magnetism
and Electricity & Magnetism Laboratory
Calculus -Based Physics II
and Calculus -Based Physics II Lab
Biology, Genetics, Anthropology, Kinesiology and Public Health area courses
Choose one of the following:3-4
General Microbiology3
Cell Biology3
An Introduction to Cancer3
Biochemistry II, Lecture and Laboratory4
Hereditary and Population Genetics3
Molecular Genetics3
Basic Toxicology3
Therapeutic Modalities4
Pathophysiology and Human Function(s)3
Neurophysiology and Human Function3
Health Disparities: Determinants and Interventions3
Biological Anthropology3
Contemporary Medical Anthropology3
Human Health and Biological Variation3
Statistics and Math area courses
Choose one of the following:3
Introduction to Statistics3
Statistical Applications3
Experiential Learning area courses
Choose one of the following:3
Advanced Research1-3
Advanced Research in Biochemistry1-3
Medical Shadowing1-3
Honors Capstone3
Research Seminar3
Problems in Health Education3
Community Health Education Field Experience1-6
Community Engagement and Service Learning3
Total Credits22-23

Any prerequisites for courses on the list must be satisfied before taking listed courses.


PHYS 2230G General Physics for Life Science I/PHYS 2230L Laboratory to General Physics for Life Science I should be taken in the fall semester before taking PHYS 2240G General Physics for Life Science II/PHYS 2240L Laboratory to General Physics for Life Science II in the following spring semester.

Recommendations for VWW courses (not required):