Animal Science (Animal Industry) - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

The animal industry concentration includes courses that prepare you for work in many phases of the livestock industry, such as livestock production on farms and ranches, the meat industry, the feed industry, livestock breed associations, and livestock publications.

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements, Viewing a Wider World requirements, and elective credits to total at least 120 credits with 48 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework.

Prefix Title Credits
General Education
Area I: Communications
English Composition - Level 1 14
English Composition - Level 2 13
Oral Communication
AXED 2120GEffective Leadership and Communication in Agriculture3
or COMM 1115G Introduction to Communication
Area II: Mathematics
MATH 1220GCollege Algebra 23-4
or MATH 1511G Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Area III/IV: Laboratory Sciences and Social/Behavioral Sciences
BIOL 2610G
BIOL 2610L
Principles of Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution
and Principles of Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution Laboratory
CHEM 1215GGeneral Chemistry I Lecture and Laboratory for STEM Majors4
Choose one from the following: 3
Survey of Economics3
Macroeconomic Principles3
Microeconomics Principles3
Area V: Humanities 13
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts 13
General Education Elective 13-4
Viewing A Wider World 36
Departmental/College Requirements 4
ANSC 1110Animal Science Careers1
ANSC 1120Introduction to Animal Science3
or ANSC 1120H Introduction to Animal Science Honors
ANSC 1120LIntroduction to Animal Science Lab1
ANSC 303Livestock, Meat and Wool Evaluation4
or ANSC 308 Horse Evaluation
ANSC 304Feeds and Feeding3
ANSC 370Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals4
ANSC/RGSC 402Animal Science Seminar (or)1
or ANSC 402 H Animal Science Seminar
ANSC 421Physiology of Reproduction4
ANSC 422Animal Nutrition3
ANSC 423Animal Breeding3
Ag Electives: choose a total of 6 credit with no more than 3 credits in ANSC Experience6
Introduction to Rangeland Management3
Introductory Horse Science3
Companion Animal in Society3
Introduction to Dairy Science3
Introduction to Meat Science3
Animal and Carcass Evaluation3
ANSC Experience
Undergraduate Research Experience1-3
Animal Sciences Teaching/Extension Experience1-3
AEEC 2120Introduction to Food and Agribusiness Accounting3
or ANSC 325 Food and Agribusiness Finance and Planning
ANSC 2330Animal Production3
ANSC 2340Genetics in Animal Science3
or ANSC 305 Principles of Genetics
ANSC 1170Introduction to Animal Metabolism3
Production Electives
Select 9 credits from production courses offered in the department9
Swine Production3
Horse Science and Management3
Beef Production: Cow-Calf Management3
Dairy Production3
Sheep and Wool Production3
Beef Production: Feedlot Management3
Advanced Dairy Herd Management3
Ranch Management Electives
Select 3 courses from the following:3
Technology and Communication for Business Management3
Spreadsheet Applications in Food and Agriculture3
Equine Reproductive Management3
Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals3
Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology3
Rangeland Plants3
Watershed Management3
Rangeland Restoration Ecology3
Livestock Behavior, Welfare and Handling3
Business Electives
Select one from the following:3
Principles of Accounting I3
Marketing and Food Agricultural Products3
Case Studies in Food and Agribusiness Management3
Small Business Management3
Personal Selling3
Or any ACCT, BUSA, MGMT, MKTG numbered 300 & above that are not VWW courses
Non-Departmental Requirements (in addition to Gen.Ed/VWW)
A ST 311Statistical Applications3
Second Language: (not required)
Electives, to bring the total to 120 516-18
Total Credits120