Business Law - Undergraduate Minor

In a world that is increasingly subject to laws and regulations, every business needs employees who are savvy about the laws that affect business.  The Business Law minor is comprised of a series of courses designed to provide a strong background in a wide range of laws that business needs to be aware of, and provide students with the ability to recognize – and avoid – legal pitfalls.  Additionally, the Business Law minor will provide students with a clear understanding of how legal disputes are resolved and the ability to appreciate the cost and complexity of disputes, and enable students to reduce the costs and complexities by being able to communicate clearly with lawyers about the legal issues.


Completion of the courses listed below (including any prerequisites) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in these courses. At lease twelve of the credits for the minor must be completed at NMSU.  This minor is not open to majors in the Bachelor of Individualized Studies and the Bachelor of Applied Studies. Students interested in pursuing this minor should contact the Finance Department Head in BC 221.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
BLAW 316Legal Environment of Business3
BLAW 313Sports and the Law3
BLAW 385VEmployment and Consumer Law3
BLAW 330Entrepreneurial Law3
Take any 2 courses from the following:6
Real Estate Principles and Law I3
Hospitality and Travel Law3
Agricultural and Natural Resource Law3
Legal Issues in Modern Society3
Constitutional Law3
Total Credits18