Applied Mathematics - Supplemental Major

The program consists of 24 credits in the designated list of courses. To earn a supplementary major in applied mathematics a student must earn 15 credits from Categories I.A and I.B of which at least 9 credits must be from Category I.B. A student must also earn 9 credits from the Category II list of related disciplines. The courses in Category II may be taken from any combination of areas. A student may not earn a bachelor's degree in mathematics and also a supplementary major in applied mathematics.

Prefix Title Credits
Category I.A.
Select two from the following:6
Introduction to Numerical Methods3
Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
Statistics for Engineers and Scientists3
Category I.B.
Select three from the following:9
Introduction to Modern Algebra3
Introduction to Analysis3
Logic and Set Theory3
Introduction to Topology3
Complex Variables3
Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems3
Applied Linear Algebra3
Probability: Theory and Applications3
Statistics: Theory and Applications3
Category II
Select 9 credits from the following Related disciplines:9
Structural Analysis4
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics3
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering3
Hydraulic and Hydrologic Engineering3
Data Structures and Algorithms4
Computer Graphics I3
Parallel Programming3
Transport Operations I: Fluid Flow3
Transport Operations II: Heat and Mass Transfer4
Process Dynamics and Control3
Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering3
Physical Chemistry I3
Physical Chemistry II3
Inorganic Structure and Bonding3
Introductory Econometrics3
Mathematical Economics3
Independent Study (with approval)1-3
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing3
Introduction to Optics3
Control Systems Synthesis3
Introduction to Communication Systems3
Digital Communication Systems I3
Analysis of Financial Markets and Institutions3
Theory of Financial Decisions3
Investment Analysis3
Quality Control3
Engineering Operations Research I3
Engineering Operations Research II3
Evaluation of Engineering Data3
Intermediate Dynamics3
Fluid Mechanics3
Heat Transfer3
Intermediate Mathematical Methods of Physics3
Intermediate Mechanics I3
Intermediate Modern Physics I3
Intermediate Modern Physics II3
Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism I3
Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism II3
Computational Physics3
Independent Study1-3
Mathematical Methods of Physics I3
Spatial Data Adjustment I3
Spatial Data Adjustment II3
GNSS Positioning3
Automata, Languages, Computability 13
Analysis of Algorithms 13
Total Credits24

Student must be eligible to take 500-level courses.