Ethics - Undergraduate Minor

A student who earns a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy may not also earn a minor in Ethics.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
PHIL 1115GIntroduction to Philosophy3
or PHIL 2230G Philosophical Thought
PHIL 1120GLogic, Reasoning, & Critical Thinking3
or PHIL 312 Formal Logic
PHIL 373Ethical Theory3
Select three from the following, of which at least two must be upper division: 19
Issues in Ethics, Law, and Criminal Justice3
Dilemmas of War and Peace3
Science, Ethics and Society3
Mass Media Ethics3
Environmental Ethics3
Engineering Ethics3
Applied Ethics3
Ethics and Global Poverty3
Ethics and Professionalism in Surveying and Mapping3
Total Credits18

Students may earn up to 3 credits in this category from special topics or Honors courses approved by the head of the Department of Philosophy.