Environmental Engineering - Undergraduate Minor

This minor will build upon existing B.S. degree programs at NMSU in engineering and environmental science, and provides further preparation in modern and emerging technologies for upgrading the Nation's ageing utilities and infrastructure in the water, energy, and environment sectors. It includes 3 required courses (9 credits) from civil and environmental engineering, and 3 elective courses (9-10 credits) from civil engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, and/or engineering technology.

Prefix Title Credits
Required courses (3 courses)9
Environmental Engineering and Science 13
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering3
Environmental Engineering Design3
Elective courses (3 courses) 29-10
To be selected from the following list of courses (numbered 300-499) 3
Upper level courses in Civil Engineering
Technology and the Global Environment3
Aquatic Chemistry3
Unit Processes/Operation of Water Treatment3
Unit Processes/Operation of Wastewater Treatment3
Environmental Microbiology3
Air Pollution Control Systems Design3
Upper level courses in Environmental Science
Geohydrology 44
Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Contaminants3
Environmental Impacts of Land Use and Contaminant Remediation3
Upper level courses in Engineering Technology
Renewable Energy Technologies3
Solar Energy Technologies3
Wind and Water Energy Technologies3
Sustainable Construction and Green Building Design3
Total Credits18-19

Cross-listed with ENVS 2111 Environmental Engineering and Science


May all be taken in same department or different departments


Courses numbered 450 and above may be used to satisfy course requirements for the accelerated master's degree program (requires department head approval and maximum of 6 credits)


Cross-listed with C E 452 Geohydrology