Soil Science (Soil and Water Science) - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Soil scientists investigate the physical, chemical and biological characteristics and behavior of soils, their description and classification, and their management for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses. Career opportunities include: industry jobs; environmental consulting firms; and federal, state and local government careers working on various environmental, agricultural and ecological projects.

The soil and water science concentration is for students interested in careers in water management and water quality. Employment opportunities exist with irrigation districts, consulting firms, and government agencies dealing with water management and quality. The optimum use of water in semi-arid areas is emphasized through selection of courses in the technical and social sciences.

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements, Viewing a Wider World requirements, and elective credits to total at least 120 credits with 48 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework. In addition to the courses listed for each major, you must take 35 credits in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and at least 24 credits of soil science related courses with a grade of C- or above including:

Prefix Title Credits
General Education
Area I: Communications
English Composition - Level 1 14
English Composition - Level 2
ENGL 2210GProfessional & Technical Communication3
Oral Communication 13
Area II: Mathematics
Choose from one of the following:3-4
Applications of Calculus I 23
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 24
Area III/IV: Laboratory Science and Social/Behavioral Sciences11
General Chemistry I Lecture and Laboratory for STEM Majors4
General Chemistry II Lecture and Laboratory for STEM Majors4
Area IV: Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (3 credits) 1
Area V: Humanities 13
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts 13
General Education Elective
GEOL 1110GPhysical Geology4
Viewing A Wider World 36
Departmental/College Requirements
SOIL 2110
Introduction to Soil Science
and Introduction to Soil Science Laboratory
SOIL 312
312 L
Soil Management and Fertility
and Soil Management and Fertility Lab
SOIL 447Seminar1
Choose one SOIL Elective Course (300-level or above)3
Select 12-13 credits from the following:12-13
Soil Chemistry3
Environmental Soil Chemistry
Irrigation and Drainage3
Soil Morphology and Classification4
Soil Microbiology3
Environmental Soil Physics3
Concentration Coursework 4
Select at least one course from each of the following four categories to bring total concentration coursework to 30 credits30
All course selections must in addition to the courses required under the Departmental/College and Non-Departmental Requirements sections listed above
Category 1: Crop Production & Protection
Course category areas are as follows:
Plant Pathology
Weed Science
Category 2: Soil & Water Engineering Management
Course category areas are as follows:
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Economics
Civil Engineering
Environmental Sciences
Category 3: Ecology
Course category areas are as follows:
Range Science
Wildlife Science
Category 4: Advanced Science, Computing & Statistics
Course category areas are as follows:
Statistics or Applied Statistics
Non-Departmental Requirements (in addition to Gen.Ed/VWW)
CHEM 2115Survey of Organic Chemistry and Laboratory (or above except CHEM 310V)4
PHYS 1230GAlgebra-Based Physics I3
Choose two from the following (lab is NOT required for this major):6
Principles of Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution3
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology3
General Microbiology3
Second Language: (not required)
Electives, to bring the total credits to 120 511-13
Total Credits120