WSAM 589. Landscape Hydrology Modeling

3 Credits

Understand the landscape scale of hydrologic cycle and related hydrological processes. Quantitatively evaluate hydrological system components. Retrieve, visualize and model some of the physical processes using some of the available tools. Consent of Instructor required.

WSAM 599. Masters Thesis

1-15 Credits (1-15)

Thesis. May be repeated up to 88 credits. Consent of Instructor required. Restricted to: Water and Science Management majors. Thesis/Dissertation Grading.

WSAM 605. Arid Land Water Resources

3 Credits (2+2P)

The course will cover various issues of relevance to water resources and water supply management within the Southwest US and other semiarid and arid regions. Discussions may include development and sustainability, climate change and drought, socioeconomic and cultural, and transboundary issues.

WSAM 610. Water and Sustainable Economic Development

3 Credits

For graduate students in the Water Science and Management or other research degree programs, use the water economics literature as a model for student research leading to an M.S. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.

WSAM 700. Doctoral Dissertation

15 Credits (15)

Dissertation for Water Sciences and Management Majors May be repeated up to 88 credits. Restricted to: Water Sciences and Management majors. Thesis/Dissertation Grading.