I B 317. International Marketing

3 Credits (3)

Focuses on decisions relating to entering markets, market segmentation, marketing strategies, and tactics in the international arena. Same as MKTG 317.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Develop understanding about what is involved in making international marketing decisions, including product, price, promotion, and place decisions to create a marketing mix.
  2. Acquire an overview on the contemporary issues in global marketing and the unique challenges faced by marketing managers in the dynamic global environment.
  3. Develop insights into how differences in global economic, cultural, social, political, and legal environments can affect marketing decisions.
  4. Develop strategic thinking in the context of complex problems and challenges faced by the contemporary global executives and managers.
  5. Develop ability to integrate the important global societal dimensions of diversity, environmental concerns, ethics, and technological change into their thinking.
  6. Develop knowledge and skills to analyze cross-cultural variables and their impact on international marketing.
  7. Discover sources of information for researching and evaluating international markets.
  8. Communicate effectively about marketing issues in group discussions, oral presentations and written reports.
  9. Work effectively as a team member in analyzing marketing issues. 1
  10. Develop leadership skills necessary to deal with the uncertainty and changes faced by today’s global marketers.

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I B 351. International Business

3 Credits (3)

The various aspects of international business, and identification and analysis of problems encountered by multinational companies.

Prerequisite: junior standing or consent of instructor.

I B 398. International Business and Economic Environments

3 Credits (3)

Description and analysis of various world regions, e.g., Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe, South Asia. Region will vary from semester to semester.

I B 449. Open Economy Macroeconomics

3 Credits (3)

This course studies theoretical and empirical macroeconomics in international dimension. It covers from the fundamental concepts of national income and growth, monetary/fiscal and exchange rate policies, foreign exchange markets, international trade and finance, and regionalization/economic integration to the impact analysis of these macroeconomic fundamentals in the open economy. Crosslisted with: ECON 449.

Prerequisite(s): BFIN 341 OR ECON 311.

I B 450. International Economics

3 Credits (3)

Trade and capital flows between countries, international payments, government policy in balance-of-payments and tariff matters, international organizations. Crosslisted with: ECON 450G

Prerequisite(s): ECON 2110G or ECON 2110H and ECON 2120G or ECON 2120H.

I B 475. International Finance

3 Credits (3)

International aspects of financial transactions, decision-making, banking and financial markets. Crosslisted with: BFIN 475 and BFIN 575.

Prerequisite(s): BFIN 341.

I B 489. Senior Seminar in International Business

3 Credits (3)

Capstone class for I B majors. Integration of previous classwork via the examination of case studies and completion of a major project.

Prerequisite: I B core.