I B 317. International Marketing

3 Credits (3)

Same as MKTG 317.

I B 351. International Business

3 Credits (3)

The various aspects of international business, and identification and analysis of problems encountered by multinational companies.

Prerequisite: junior standing or consent of instructor.

I B 398. International Business and Economic Environments

3 Credits (3)

Description and analysis of various world regions, e.g., Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe, South Asia. Region will vary from semester to semester.

I B 449. Open Economy Macroeconomics

3 Credits (3)

This course studies theoretical and empirical macroeconomics in international dimension. It covers from the fundamental concepts of national income and growth, monetary/fiscal and exchange rate policies, foreign exchange markets, international trade and finance, and regionalization/economic integration to the impact analysis of these macroeconomic fundamentals in the open economy. Crosslisted with: ECON 449.

Prerequisite(s): BFIN 341 OR ECON 311.

I B 450. International Economics

3 Credits (3)

Trade and capital flows between countries, international payments, government policy in balance-of-payments and tariff matters, international organizations. Crosslisted with: ECON 450G

Prerequisite(s): ECON 2110G or ECON 2110H and ECON 2120G or ECON 2120H.

I B 475. International Finance

3 Credits (3)

International aspects of financial transactions, decision-making, banking and financial markets. Crosslisted with: BFIN 475 and BFIN 575.

Prerequisite(s): BFIN 341.

I B 489. Senior Seminar in International Business

3 Credits (3)

Capstone class for I B majors. Integration of previous classwork via the examination of case studies and completion of a major project.

Prerequisite: I B core.