GPHY 340V. Planet Earth

3 Credits

Formation and evolution of the Earth. Plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes. Role of geological processes in the origin and evolution of life. Uniqueness of the Earth in the solar system.

GPHY 450. Selected Topics

1-3 Credits

Readings, discussions, lectures or laboratory studies of selected areas of geophysics. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

GPHY 510. Geophysical Field Methods

1-3 Credits (3-9P)

Field collection, reduction, and interpretation of geophysical data; equipment operation.

GPHY 520. Selected Topics

1-3 Credits

Formal treatment of graduate topics not covered in regular courses. May be repeated for unlimited credit.

Prerequisites: graduate standing, consent of instructor, and selection of a specific topic prior to registration.

GPHY 530. Seismology

3 Credits

Seismic wave propagation in a layered earth, ray theory, exploration techniques, earth structure, and seismicity.

Prerequisites: PHYS 511, MATH 472, or equivalent.

GPHY 540. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors

3 Credits

Formation and evolution of the Earth and planets. Internal physical and chemical structure. Pressure and temperature effects on rocks. Equations of state. Physical mechanisms of plate tectonics. Physics of the Earth s core, planetary magnetism, geodynamo.

Prerequisites: consent of instructor.

GPHY 560. Applied Inverse Theory

3 Credits

Inversion of data with an emphasis on geophysical problems. Curve fitting, tomography, earthquake location, over determined and under determined problems, linear and nonlinear problems. Computing experience desirable.

Prerequisite(s): Either MATH 280, equivalent, or consent of instructor.

GPHY 598. Special Research Problems

1-3 Credits

Individual investigations, either analytical or experimental. May be repeated for unlimited credit.

GPHY 599. Master's Thesis

15 Credits


GPHY 620. Advanced Topics in Geophysics

3 Credits

Advanced formal treatment of a topic or topics not covered in regular courses. May be repeated for unlimited credit.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

GPHY 630. Theoretical Seismology I

3 Credits

Advanced treatment of wave propagation, ray theory, inversion methods, extension to heterogeneous media, and free oscillations.

Prerequisite(s): GPHY 530.

GPHY 700. Doctoral Dissertation

15 Credits