FCSC 400. Research Methods in Family and Consumer Sciences

3 Credits (3)

Introduction to research design and methodology in Family and Consumer Sciences. Overview of common research designs and data collection strategies. Prepares students to critique published research and perform basic skills including hypotheses development and conducting a literature search.

FCSC 500. Research Methods

3 Credits (3)

This course covers the critical evaluation of research literature, development of research proposals and principles of program evaluation. Students will be introduced to the application of qualitative or quantitative methods. Students will be expected to develop research questions and test hypotheses using statistical analysis and a variety of methodologies.

FCSC 598. Special Research Programs

1-4 Credits

Individual investigations, either analytical or experimental. Maximum of 4 credits per semester and no more than 6 credits toward a degree.

FCSC 599. Master's Thesis

15 Credits

May be repeated for unlimited credit, maximum of 6 credits toward a degree.