ENTR 331. Business Creation and Valuation

3 Credits

The course is designed to provide a first look at the entrepreneurship process by focusing how the firm will/does create value in the marketplace. As such, it is designed to integrate knowledge of business functions and apply business analysis techniques to the valuation of new ventures/entrepreneurial firms.

ENTR 332. Entrepreneurial Finance

3 Credits

The course is structured to provide a parallel learning experience of financing methods/theory and project work focused on financing select start-up companies. Students will learn a broad range of early stage financing techniques. In addition to explorations is class of the theory of entrepreneurial finance students will hear actual young companies from different industries present their opportunities and challenges to the class.

ENTR 333. Business Analysis and Turnaround

3 Credits

This course provides students an opportunity to draw upon previous experiences and education to apply various business concepts and analytical tools to complex problems and issues in organizational settings. Business Analysis is an integrative course in two respects. First, it takes a broad view of the environment that includes competitive dynamics and macro-environmental trends and developments. Second, it takes the perspective of the firm as a whole and examines how each of the functional areas can be integrated into overall operational strategies to address the firm's key organizational issues and environmental challenges.