BLAW 2110. Business Law I

3 Credits (3)

Survey of the legal environment of business and common legal principles including: the sources of law, dispute resolution and the U.S. court systems, administrative law, tort law, contract law, agency and employment law, business structure and governance, ethics and corporate social responsibility. Explores sources of liability and presents strategies to minimize legal risk. Offered at all NMSU Community Colleges except Dona Ana Community College. Credit may not be earned in both BLAW 2110 and BLAW 317.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the sources of law.
  2. Describe and explain dispute resolution and the court systems in the United States.
  3. Describe the concepts of negligence, intentional torts and strict liability.
  4. Describe and apply the essential aspects of contracts from creation, performance, breach and remedies, including basic contract law from Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
  5. Explain the concept of ethics.

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BLAW 313. Sports and the Law

3 Credits (3)

Introduction to legal concepts related to sports and business including an introduction to U. S. law and the civil practice, agency, sports contracts, sport torts, sport crimes, pertinent federal legislation such as Title IX, drugs and sports, international sports issues, pertinent antitrust issues, intellectual property, ethics and alternative dispute resolution.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): BLAW 316.

BLAW 316. Legal Environment of Business

3 Credits (3)

Survey of business law including: the legal system (court systems, sources and types of law, litigation and dispute resolution), ethics and corporate social responsibility, administrative law, tort law, contract law, agency and employment law, business structure and governance, securities regulations, and international law. Students may not receive credit for both BLAW 316 and BLAW 317.

BLAW 325. Real Estate Principles and Law I

3 Credits (3)

Real estate law and the fundamental aspects of the real estate purchase transaction and the real estate lease agreement. Topics include real estate brokerage, marketing of real estate, fundamental legal aspects of real estate, present and future interests, air and water rights, methods of transfer, basics of financing and liens, and real estate leases. Same as BFIN 325.

BLAW 330. Entrepreneurial Law

3 Credits (3)

This course will explore the legal issues faced in the process of launching, financing, and growing a new venture. We will pay special attention to ventures making use of innovative technologies and business models. Intellectual property (trade secrets and confidential information, patents, copyrights, and trademarks) are of special importance to innovation-driven ventures, so we will consider in- depth how intellectual property is developed, protected, and put to use.

BLAW 385V. Employment and Consumer Law

3 Credits (3)

Study of the interrelationships between business, legal, and ethical aspects of employment and consumer issues and their attendant civil liability and remedies in domestic and international markets.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Almost every aspect of today’s businesses is subject to a myriad of legal requirements imposed by law (whether that law be civil or criminal, common or statutory, or regulatory). Legal issues lurk everywhere! To succeed in business, one must be aware of the major aspects of the substantive law and the nature of the legal system, and be able to communicate with the lawyers that he or she will likely come in contact with.
  2. Successful completion of this course will not qualify you to be a lawyer or to solve your own legal problems (or those of your business). Rather, this course will provide you with a broad overview of certain aspects of the law that you may encounter in your day-to-day business (or personal) affairs (some of the subjects covered in a chapter in this course are semester-long courses in law school, so this course necessarily is somewhat of a "survey" of the topics covered).
  3. Successful completion of the course should provide you with sufficient knowledge to recognize when "legal" issues in consumer protection are looming, and provide you some tools to assist you in seeking the right help to address the issues. Students taking this course will better understand the American legal system, with an emphasis on administrative law, since most consumer protection regulations are a creature of administrative law.
  4. Secondly, students will master the scope of several consumer protection agencies, their respective roles and responsibilities, and the associated obligations of businesses and consumers to comply with the various agency rules and regulations.
  5. Third and finally, interspersed throughout the semester student will learn about select topics they choose that have some relationship to consumer protection. This is student guided, and can be anything of interest to you. In the past, I have covered landlord-tenant law, intellectual property, state lemon laws, election law, and employment law.

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BLAW 490. Selected Topics

1-3 Credits

Prerequisites vary according to the seminar being offered.

BLAW 498. Independent Study

1-3 Credits

Individual studies directed by consenting faculty with the prior approval of the department head.

Prerequisites: junior or above standing and consent of instructor and department head.

BLAW 502. Legal Environment of Business

3 Credits (3)

Legal procedures and the judicial system as applied to business situations and a general coverage of the bodies of substantive law most commonly associated with business.

Prerequisite: graduate students only.

BLAW 518. Uniform Commerical Code and Advanced Business Law Topics

3 Credits (3)

Property, advanced contract law, debtor-creditor relations, bankruptcy and Uniform Commercial Code topics, including sales, negotiable instruments, secured transactions. Students who have taken either BLAW 318 or BLAW 418 may not receive credit for BLAW 518. Same as BLAW 418 with differentiated assignments for graduate students.

Prerequisite(s): BLAW 316 or BLAW 502.

BLAW 550. Selected Topics

3 Credits (3)

Seminars in selected topics related to business law or the legal environment of business.

Prerequisite(s): Varies according to seminar being offered.

BLAW 598. Special Research Programs

1-3 Credits

Individual investigations either analytical or experimental with the prior consent of the instructor and department head.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor and department head.